Collared Shirt and Balloon Sleeves

February 22, 2017
Collaborations/Sponsored Outfit Style

Shirt: Romwe | Skirt: ASTR | Boots: Asos | Jacket: Only & Sons | Bag: Longchamp

Fashion and style, albeit two slightly different concepts, are perfect expressive outlets for the wild hearts. Style takes fashion and converts it into something personalized, unique, and meaningful. Together, they form a special synergy that lets the wearer run free with creativity, and that’s the part that intrigues me the most about fashion. A dress can be worn as a blouse. A shirt can be worn backwards. That’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, but you get the idea.

When I came across this contrast trim top, I knew I wanted to put my own spin on it. The built-in collar and balloon cuffed sleeves already differentiate this button-down collared shirt from others, but I envisioned taking it a step further. Turning it backwards so that the buttons faced the back was a simple yet effective move. Whichever way it was designed to be worn, I’m just delighted that I can wear it in multiple styles… and this applies to all of my other button-down shirts too.

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NYFW: Miguel Vieira F/W 2017

February 21, 2017

Minimalist. Sleek. Black tones. That basically sums up my own sartorial endeavors, so when I was extended an invitation to the Miguel Vieira F/W 2017 show at Pier 59 in Chelsea, I eagerly accepted, knowing that his collection shares those same attributes. A black and white color palette dominated the runway, embracing the marriage of various textures, from lace to velvet. Sophisticated and edgy with a side of over-the-knee boots, it was wardrobe dream after wardrobe dream parading in front of my eyes.

Within this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite looks from the runway with photos courtesy from Miguel Vieira, but you can also see the entire collection (including the show!) here.

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NYFW: Vivienne Hu F/W 2017

February 21, 2017

Outfit Runway Report Style

Just two (TWO!) weeks after giving birth to her second child, New York-based designer Vivienne Hu presented her Fall/Winter collection at Skylight Clarkson Sq. Drawing inspiration from the architecture and lifestyle of Manhattan, the collection focused on bold lines and elegant cuts. Strong with a side of feminine flair, all I could think of when I attended the runway show was “Oh wow, I can see myself wearing literally everything from this!”

From the fur-accented pockets to the tailored coats and flowy gowns, the collection exuded nothing but sophistication and it was beyond amazing to see the pieces in motion on the runway just as the designer had envisioned it from the beginning. For your consideration, I’ve uploaded the entire Vivienne Hu F/W 2017 collection in the gallery within this post, so get ready for some serious sartorial inspiration!

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Photo Journal: Snow Day in NYC

February 20, 2017

New York City Wanderings

When I hopped over to Los Angeles in January and happened to escape a mini snow-storm in NYC, I thought that would be the last of the snow for this year, considering how much warmer this winter has been in comparison to the last. But last week, public schools closed and most offices remained dark in light of a heavier snow day that enshrouded New York City in white fluffy layers. Still a California girl at heart, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to wander through Central Park in the snow, and it turned out that I wasn’t the only one with that desire. Locals and tourists alike flocked to the park to marvel at the white wonder and the frozen lakes. Mind over matter, and despite my ears protesting, I armed myself with a wool coat, fluffy scarf and lug sole boots (heeled too!) to brave the bitter winds and the freezing temperatures for some snapshots of this winter wonderland that nearly left my glove-less fingers numb with frostbite, but it was so worth it.

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NYFW: John Paul Ataker F/W 2017

February 19, 2017

Runway Report Style

Again and again, John Paul Ataker collections completely blow me away. This time, for New York Fashion Week, the designer paid homage to the women of Yazidi, and it was an experience to remember.

Featuring a color palette of black, grey, navy and dashes of bordeux and shimmering gold, the F/W 2017 collection embraced a mix of leather, velvet and faux fur that complemented organza, jacquards, brocades, feathers and even embossing. Elegant long gowns, interspersed with leather-cut accented casual separates, floated down the runway (audible gasps were heard all around the audience when the final look – a layered organdy dress with oversized gold hemmed sleeves and a hand-woven belt – revealed itself). It was a marriage of feminine lines with strong, empowered silhouettes. “I hope to capture an aspirational view of how [the women o f Yazidi] would see fashion if they were permitted to make their own choices in a more modern society,” the designer was quoted.

Bravo, Ataker. The standing ovation you received at the show was certainly well-deserved.

Check out the gallery below for the complete John Paul Ataker F/W 2017 collection, or head on over to the official website!

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February 12, 2017

Runway Report Style

In case you missed it on my Instagram Stories, NYFW kicked off officially with a snowstorm. For me, it started the day after, with tons of leftover snow on the grounds and gusts of freezing winds. My first show of the season began with premiere Chinese couture designer LANYU, but despite the icy conditions outside, the designer brought on a force of fashionable designs that brought the crowd ooh-ing and aah-ing with all thoughts of the bitter weather banned to the forgotten corners of the mind. I gratefully accepted a front row seat, which allowed me to fully appreciate and soak in the outfits in their entirety…including the shoes, which usually go lost in the line of sight if you’re sitting anywhere behind the third row!

From wool coats with lace embellishment in Jade to silk tops with lace hoods, and from dark jade green off-the-shoulder sweater dress to a long silk strap dress with a braided tweed top, it was beyond inspiring to see how LANYU married traditional Chinese elements with Western silhouettes and played around with a variety of textures, patterns and colors. Below, I’ve compiled a gallery of some of my favorite looks to share! Hope you’ll find as much whimsy and inspiration in them as I did!

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Love Yourself First with Victoria’s Secret

February 8, 2017

Outfit Style

The other night, I sat in a lonely corner on the late night Q train in Brooklyn. In a much too vulnerable state of mind, I started thinking, and it was exhausting. Simply put, I was tired. Tired of constantly being placed second. Tired of not being on the same page. Tired of being taken for granted. Tired of being let down. Tired of it being again and again and again and again. But mainly, just tired of feeling this way.

We can’t rewind, but I’d like to think we can reset and embark on the journey to find true happiness without constantly compelled to compromise core values. No one should hold the power that makes you hate yourself, or make you feel constricted and secondary. Find someone who wants the same lifestyle that you do and not only wants but also pushes without abandon to chase the same dreams as you. Their eyes should light up when yours do; their hearts should race along with yours. And the way they look at you – oh, it should be an indescribable force, full of love, appreciation and wonderment, even with the knowledge of all of your flaws and madness. Find someone who knows you’re worth every damn hurricane, every bit of madness and every sliver of sunshine and will fight through jungles and wildfires to prove it. But before all that, find the power within to love yourself first, to put yourself first.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or in a complicated and muddled situation, celebrate YOU. Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers. You’re a strong, independent force, so buy them yourself… for you. Treat yourself… for you. Dress yourself… for you. I personally have a soft spot for pretty undergarments, and a long time ago, I made a pact with myself that I’d indulge in that purely for myself. That is where I turn to Victoria’s Secret, my exclusive lingerie destination. Although it’s a daily sartorial habit, I’m dolling up on the inside this Valentine’s Day with pieces from Victoria’s Secret’s newest collection – Dream Angels ‘Wicked’ –  as a reminder to love myself in spite of my flaws, especially since I’m someone who has struggled with body image.

Outfit Style

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels ‘Wicked’ Unlined Bra | Victoria’s Secret Tease Eau de Parfum

Oh, and by the way, this is not a sponsored post for Victoria’s Secret. I’m just that loyal of a customer. Also, USPS recently dropped the ball in a major way with my online order – losing my package, replying back to my inquiry with a dismissive response, and then ignoring me altogether – and Victoria’s Secret stepped up to the plate to investigate..and replaced everything in my order. In the marketing world, we’re always talking about how a company can differentiate itself from its competitors, and customer service goes a long way. So thank you, Victoria’s Secret. This Valentine’s Day, I raise my glass to you (and to myself too!).

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West Village Wanderings: Bell Sleeves and OatMeals

January 30, 2017
New York City Outfit Style Wanderings West Village

Sweater: Boohoo (similar) | Skirt: ASTR (similar) | Jacket: Topshop | Boots: Asos (similar) | Bag: Mansur Gavriel

Large, dramatic bell sleeves of a ballerina-pink sweater tucked away under a heavy shearling biker jacket add refreshing texture and lighten up an otherwise all-black and safe New York winter outfit. Add in a quick bite at OatMeals in Greenwich Village right off the W4 station in Manhattan and throw in an inspirational backstory and the grimacing reflection of wading through knee-deep snow and sidewalk slush this same time last year, and there was my perfect albeit chilly Saturday afternoon.

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Where to Eat in Tokyo

January 26, 2017

Tokyo Wanderings

Is it odd that on my first trip to Tokyo, I did more eating than I did actual sightseeing? No regrets whatsoever! Tokyo is essentially a food heaven, with practically every picturesque corner offering a delectable menu for all of your various palates. You could literally just walk aimlessly around when hungry, select a random restaurant, and leave happily full and satisfied! With so many choices, it can get a little overwhelming, so here I’ve listed some of the swoon-worthy places I encountered on my trip. From matcha to all-you-can-eat shabu shabu, here is a sampling of where to eat in Tokyo!

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Where to Stay in Tokyo: Conrad Hotel

January 23, 2017

Tokyo Wanderings

At the intersection of luxury and contemporary, you will find Hilton’s Conrad Tokyo Hotel. From the modern lines, dark wood accents and spectacular Japanese hospitality, you would never guess it’s actually a Hilton property!

Located conveniently by the Shiodome and Shimbashi stations and within easy walking distance to Ginza, Conrad Tokyo served as the perfect launchpad for our Tokyo adventures. In the US, hotel-card status doesn’t really hold much weight, but we discovered in Tokyo that cardholders are basically treated like royalty: Upon arrival, we were immediately upgraded to an Executive Bay View room on the 37th floor and granted access to the Executive Lounge for daily breakfast buffet that served a deliciously fancy mix of Western and Japanese cuisine (think unlimited brie, prosciutto, smoked salmon, sweet fruits and much, much more!), decadent afternoon tea, and elegant evening cocktail hour.

Leaving the dramatic skyscraping lobby to be carried up to the 37th floor by a swift and quiet elevator, we wandered down a long hushed hallway and into our room, which we found to be absolutely amazing. Tokyo hotel rooms are known to be on the smaller size, but this executive room was delightfully spacious and cozy at the same time. In a shimmery silver-grey palette, our room featured a three-paneled floor-to-ceiling window that offered a gorgeous sweeping views of the Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge and Hamarikyu Park. By this time, the sun had already set, so glittering city lights set against the dark emptiness of the bay waters greeted us, but at dawn (thank you, jet-lag), it was unbelievably breathtaking. Imagine waking up to a stunning pink/purple sky that reflects against the twinkling bay, with streams of sunlight bouncing off against towering skyscrapers, gradually brightening up the far corners of the city as far as the eye can see. Walk on over to the window to soak in the view in its entirety, and look down to see the steady stream of cars already commuting to work. It’s surreal and romantic. It’s Conrad Tokyo.

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